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Earl Cooley In memorium to generous Earl Cooley, Jr. who passed away in March 2018. Earl was a voracious reader and tech-head who hosted the SlugTribe mailing list for 25+ years. Before that, he gave us a thread on his SMOF bbs. We were one of the earliest writers' groups to leverage the Internet.

Yasser Meeting Yasser Bahjatt, Dec 2016. L to R: Yasser, Wendy Wheeler. Other SlugTribers were there also!

Members in shirts
Modeling our t-shirts, Feb 2012. L to R: Clayton, Jennifer, Branden, Silver, Frank, Wendy, Alex, Rebecca. Kevin has his back to the camera.

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Successes, News and Other
High-Fives for SlugTribers

Winter - Fall 2020

Well, this year created challenges for everybody! Our long-time meeting location at Hancock Rec Center was closed because of the coronavirus, so Shlomi Harif and Philip Brazeale helped us get the SlugTribe online in March with a Discord meeting server, and we’ve met virtually most of 2020. Nicky Drayden (and Chris Brown) had an article in the July issue of Texas Monthly, “Will Dystopian Times Inspire Utopian Art,” about the future of writing about the future. Christie Lupher got the SlugTribe to help with writing up the teasers for the Audible book series she narrated on Violet Strange, a turn-of-the-century female detective created by Anna Katharine Green. Andrew Perlot’s first short story, "Planting Water," which SlugTribe critiqued, got an honorable mention from the Writers of the Future contest. Marshall Ryan Maresca is up to 11 books in his Maradaine world with The Fenmere Job, and soon The People of the City will make 12. But he also created and sold The Velocity of Revolution, a steampunk fantasy novel not in the series, due out early 2021.

Luke Kundl Pinette moved to Houston to for a new IT developer job; he’s found the Discord meetings useful and has a new parrot! Ron Wiltse retired to Paris, Texas, to be closer to his son the doctor. Elizabeth Rubio sold a short story "What Treasures We Store on Earth" to the anthology called A Dying Planet coming soon from Flame Tree. The Champion of the Earth, the second novel in Gabriel Matthieu’s new Berona’s Quest series, will be out in November 2020. J.J. Litke published two stories so far in 2020; one will be in Unidentified Funny Objects #8, and the other was "The Bar at the End of Whenever" in Nature Futures. Doug Schwartz started a new web series called Reality Fiction, which he describes as reality TV in prose form. ArmadilloCon42 was virtual this year. Aaron DaMommio co-coordinated the writers’ workshop this year, which had an SF cookbook project vs story entries. Shlomi created a Discord server for SlugTribers to discuss the con. More Hancock Rec Center news: the City of Austin PARD is frustrated the golf course doesn’t make a profit, somehow forgetting that it’s a city service and not for profit, so they’ve decided to sell/lease the facility to a developer. Let’s see how long we continue to have a meeting spot…

Spring - Winter 2019

Patrice Sarath published Book No.2 in her magical series in January; Fog Season is the follow-on to The Sisters Mederos, and she had a booksigning at Bookwoman in February. Marcus Tyler got to the Writers League of Texas Manuscript contest finals with The Ballad Panacea, his SF novel he critiqued in SlugTribe. Jennifer Evans and Wendy Wheeler got to take a writers’ workshop/retreat in Vermont in April, where it’s weirdly rural everywhere. As a sometimes writer for, Wendy also got a free ticket from actor/producer Joseph Gordon-Levitt for his SxSW event “Band Together with Logic.Marshall Ryan Maresca continues his snowball effect! Add two more novels to come: DAW Books will also publish The Velocity of Revolution and A Constabulary of One. The first is a standalone steampunk novel, and the second is in his Maradaine universe. Marshall is also getting foodie attention for his recipe posts with each book on MaradaineMeals. Christi Lupher has read dozens and dozens of audio books for LibriVox, and now she’s also writing audio book intros.

Spring - Winter 2018

Well, yes! Trevor Quarchi with Analog did indeed buy Elizabeth Rubio’s story “Nevertheless”! It published in September, and they also posted her bio/essay online in the Analog Companion. Rebecca Schwarz won the SF/F category of The Writers League of Texas manuscript contest with Izzy Crow. Aaron DaMommio sold his SlugTribe-critiqued story “Things I Realized on Finding an Alien in the Passenger Seat of my Car” to April’s Flash Fiction Online. August he published “Machines of Death” and October “Collision with Car” in DailySF. February, the eBook Fair Beasts and Foul had Aaron’s story “Road Trip.” Carie Juettner sold her SlugTribe-critiqued scary clown story “Makeup” (find it at 51:58) to the audio magazine Tales to Terrify. Nicky Drayden released her 2nd novel in August, and Temper already won a Publishers Weekly Best Book of 2018 and a Vulture Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book of 2018! Our SlugTribe buddy in Bryan, Martha Wells won her 1st Nebula (and a Hugo); it was for best novella for All Systems Red, story#1 of her Murderbot Diaries. Marshall Ryan Maresca launched his latest novel, The Way of the Shield, in October with an event at Barnes & Noble Sunset Valley. Jack Conner (Allen) self-published a new novel Engine of Ruin in his series Atomic Ocean Underworld.

Spring - Winter 2017

For Black History Month, the Austin Public Library featured Nicky Drayden (Nicole) and her novel The Prey of Gods in a panel about world building with people of color. Doug Schwartz wrote an illustrated adventure children’s book called Spilt Milk, and had a milk and cookies event locally to launch it. March 2018, famous SF/F/M author Chuck Wendig is coming to town for a workshop on “Characters as Architects, Not Architecture,” sponsored by the Romance Writers of Austin. Several from the SlugTribe will attend.

Robert Ashcroft saw the arrival of his first novel, the Megarothke, with a booksigning at Bookpeople, plus his first Kirkus and Amazon reviews were stellar. Marshall Ryan Maresca just keeps hitting home runs! He sold four more books to Daw for a new series, starting with The Way of the Shield, which comes out in October 2018, and then The Shield of the People and The People of the City. Also, they've bought the third Streets of Maradaine novel, The Fenmere Job. Kevin Foltinek had his first sale! Sold “The Delayed Emergence of Glub-Glub's Primary Tentacle” to Primordial Magazine, which just started in 2017. Elizabeth Rubio got invited by the editor of Analog, Trevor Quarchi, to submit her DilloCon workshop story formally after a rewrite. That’s like the dream result of a writers workshop piece! Andrew Hearn sold a private detective story, also from an ArmadilloCon contact he made. New Member Brandon Seifert, who’s got a comic book series Witch Doctor, plus has written several comics in the Hellraiser series, including one with Clive Barker, and other titles, tells us he hopes to announce his involvement in a TV series soon.

Wendy Wheeler’s fantasy script, a Colonial-era sea adventure with magic based on her fantasy story, won the Science Fiction/Fantasy genre of the 10th annual StoryPros with the The Cunning Man. Jeff Shaevel is in a documentary about the game of Go, and shows up in the promotion trailer. The full movie was released last year and is making it into some awesome film festivals!Nicky Drayden got a lot of great press on The Prey of Gods, including a wonderful New York Times book review, and a book signing in July at Bookpeople! Go to the Amazon page to see the many "top picks" this novel got! She made sure to drop off some swag for SlugTribers, plus some copies of the book itself. The SlugTribe also appears in her dedication. Go Nicole! The folks at ArmadilloCon 2017 got a great article with a photo in the Austin Chronicle on local SF/F. About a third of the writers in the article were/are SlugTribe members, and the SlugTribe itself got a shout-out! (But it noted long-gone Lebkowsky as a founding member, while I/Wendy was not. grrrr)

Rebecca Schwarz sold “Short Straw” to the Lost Worlds anthology from FlameTree Press. Earlier in the year, she sold “An Accounting of the Sky” to The Colored Lens. J.J. Litke’s story “The Invisible Box” was in the January issue of Apex Magazine. Turned out well (it was SlugTribe critiqued).
Trent Kollodge sold “Incense” to Strangely Funny 4, a humor genre anthology. Autumn Cthulhu, an anthology with Trent’s story, was a finalist for a 2016 Shirley Jackson award. Michael Louis Dixon sold his odd-fiction story “Arthur” to Borderlands 7. Carrie Juttner had her clima-SF (new term that started recently; climate-related science fiction) story “Reap” in Daily Science Fiction in January.

Summer - Winter 2016

Several current and ex-SlugTribers were at ArmadilloCon at the end of July, attending the writers workshop, teaching and speaking on panels. That same weekend, Jennifer Evans and Wendy Wheeler flew up to Tacoma, WA, for the Cascade Writers Workshop, where they got their manuscripts in front of a positive Claire Eddy, Tor editor, and also had good reactions to their competition stories. Plus Jennifer got one-on-one advice on self publishing from best-selling fantasy author Anthea Sharp. Wendy got up before the Writers League of Texas members at the July meeting and promoted the SlugTribe (and the Austin Screenwriters Group). Carie Juettner’s story “Makeup” that she critiqued through SlugTribe made it to the top 100 in a horror story content TNT sponsored; she could win a big prize! Story voting was handled on Wattpad. Michael Louis Dixon sold “Anton” to the latest Borderlands anthology, edited by the Monteleones, which included an upscale collectors’ edition. Neil Breault showed us multiple cool cover designs of his self-published novel on the Beast Keepers. Ron Wiltse missed meetings through the fall because his dad was finally failing and had come to stay with him, with hospice care. Condolences!

Arabian-American SF/F author and co-founder of Yatakhayaloon: The League of Arabic SciFiers, Yasser Bahjatt, was hosted December in Austin by the citizen diplomacy group, GlobalAustin. He, along with people from the Middle East Institute, came to dinner with several SlugTribers (and gave us books!), then he was in a panel at Malvern Books with Marshall Ryan Maresca. The next day, Marshall and Stina Leicht did a book signing at Dragon’s Lair, which has long had mutual friends in gaming and writing with the SlugTribe. Marshall also released multiple books in 2016, including An Import of Intrigue, and The Holver Alley Crew (coming March 2017).

Jack Conner, aka Allen Wise, released another in his Atomic Sea series, Atomic Underworld. And he continues to gain great praise from his community of readers/followers. Nicole aka Nicky Drayden is expecting her first novel to be out soon from Harper Voyager Books, and they just announced & promoted the awesome cover to Prey of the Gods. Stina Leicht’s 4th novel (has origins in the first novel she ever wrote) Black Thorne was ready for pre-order in November. Rebecca Schwarz sold “Hands of Burnished Bronze” to Podcastle. Kevin Jewell (who we haven’t seen as he’s been raising his toddler), sold “Soul Weaver” to Daily Science Fiction.

Spring 2015 - Spring 2016

Trent Kollodge sold his first story to Autumn Cthulhu: Tales of Lovecraftian Horror, which was doing a kickstarter for funding. He also self-published a novel he workshopped in SlugTribe, Two-Bit Angel. Mara Hincher’s art series “2013 Xenobiology” was featured in the Mad Art Lab. Neil Breault self-published his first novel, The Arcon’s Apprentice. Carie Juettner sold her flash fiction “Time Flies” to Futures, the sci-fi column of Nature. She also had “Linger” published in the Hello, Horror Summer 2015 anthology. Nicky Drayden sold the African modern fantasy she workshopped in SlugTribe to Harper Voyager! The Prey of Godsand another book to be named. Kevin Jewell’s story “A Dragon’s Apology” was in the December issue of Daily Science Fiction. Michael Lewis Dixon’s story “Anton” is in the new Borderlands 6 anthology; they did a signed limited edition hardback, and a paperback is coming soon. Aaron da Mommio published “The Van Helsing Women’s Shelter” in Stupefying Stories. Earl Cooley, our long-time list host, had to move to Universal City (near San Antonio) to be closer to his medical providers. Allen Wise aka Jack Conner released a new self-published novel: Atomic Underworld: Part One. Jennifer Evans took his new author’s photos. Allen also got to be on a writers’ panel at the 2015 Austin Comic Con. Marshall Ryan Maresca’s novel, The Thorn of Dentonhill: A Novel of Maradaine, was short-listed by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society for the Compton Crook Award, for best first novel. The Alchemy of Chaos came out in February, and he just signed a contract for four more novels. Rebecca Schwarz’s story “The Short Straw” won a Silver/Honorable Mention in the quarterly Writers of the Future contest, and she sold “Black Friday” to Devilfish Review. Also, “Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast” went to Saturday Night Reader.

Winter 2014 - Spring 2015

Allen Wise aka Jack Conner did a successful gamification project to support his self-published novels, where readers could post photoshopped pictures of themselves turning green, or becoming Lovecraftian monsters. Also, Atomic Sea was up for a (UK) BookHippo Award. Wesley Bain, a long-time member of Austin’s No.1 improv group, led an improv workshop for writers that we all enjoyed; very creative! Wendy Wheeler took a new job with Dell that is half science fiction: she’s now messaging manager for the Internet of Things. Her flash fantasy story that was used in was compiled in the First Season DVD deck. Ernie Wood joined SlugTribe soon after his novel One Red Thread was published; since then he’s had a series of book signings and went as a pro writer to his first Armadillocon. Marshall Ryan Maresca published A Murder of Mages, read by a few SlugTribers when it was still in early drafts and called "Maradaine Constabulary." Nicole/Nikki Drayden published “Homecoming” on Daily Science Fiction. Leah Cutter, who lived in Austin years ago and was a member of the SlugTribe, has been having success selling her self-published novels via Storybundle.

Spring-Fall 2014

Sad news first: Jay Lake, who started his writing career in the SlugTribe, lost his battle with cancer this June. He was given several memoria from the genre community and continues to have new work released. Tom Upshaw, another SlugTriber from the early days, died of liver disease in Oregon. Marshall Ryan Maresca sold two fantasy novels to Daw/Penguin, with the first novel The Thorn of Dentonhill out in early 2015 and blog posts on the publisher's site. John Moore Walker published his SF/thriller series Statis Rift on Amazon Prime (4 books and counting!). Nicky Drayden released another collection of her Delightfully Twisted Tales on Amazon in March. Wendy Wheeler sold "The Levogyre" to Daily Science Fiction, which came from a long ago SlugTribe group exercise called "Spam is dead." At about the same time, DSF published Rebecca Swartz's "A Note to Parents Regarding the Beginning and End of Time Diorama Presentations for Ms. Miller's Third Grade Class" and a comedy series from Nicky that started with "An Unparalleled Real Estate Investment Opportunity." Rebecca also resold her "Flotsam" story to the Cast of Wonders podcast series. Wendy's SF/thriller script The Lilith Code got to the quarter finals in the Final Draft screenplay contest. Matt Patterson had a book-signing at Bookpeople in April for his YA space adventure, Song and Signal.

Brad Ellison's story "The Devil's Right Hand" (critiqued by the SlugTribe) was published in Lore. Allen Wise, aka Jack Conner, had his story "The Rubies of Master Lo" featured on Wattpad. Branden Linley sold "Parking for the Apocalypse" to the anthology Alternate Hilarities 3. Wesley Bain taught us how to do "Improv for Writers" in August, and it was a blast! He's a founding member of the famous Parallelogramophonograph. Alex Jaworski got to take a special AI/robotics class in Germany. The guys at Space Squid announced they were now all-electronic and that they were selling handmade T-shirts. Michael Trice, now an MIT lecturer in Boston, sold an interview with D&D guys Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford to TheMarySue. Peter Enyeart's Nature Futures story is being anthologized in Futures2, and he published "The Opening" in The Colored Lens. Douglas Schwartz published Pickled Bananas on Amazon and continued with his author interviews and fiction serials on his LiveJournal. Sherrill Nilson, who now lives in Oklahoma, had her novel Karda: Adalta Vol. I selected as a finalist in the Cygnus Awards recognizing "emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of SciFi & Fantasy Fiction." New member Ernie Wood just had his time travel novel One Red Thread come out from Tyrus Books, and was part of the Texas Book Festival with it.

Summer-Winter 2013

Brandon Linley made his first sale, to FictionVale, of "Measure of Fate," a story he workshopped at SlugTribe! Several current and erstwhile SlugTribers were featured on panels and other events at LoneStar Con3 in San Antonio on Labor Day weekend; congrats to Matt Bey, Paige Ewing, Jay Lake, Stina Leicht, Patrice Sarath, and others. Rick Klaw edited a regional SF anthology released at the event called RayGuns over Texas, which included stories from Nicky Drayden, Derek Johnson, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Stina Leicht and Don Webb. Paige also sold "Flyboy" to Space & Time magazine. Bitcoin expert Daniel Krawisz spent a few months in South America to set up a Bitcoin venture and was a featured speaker at a crypto-currency conference. Rebecca Schwarz sold "The Horses" to Everyday Fiction. Kevin Jewell's SlugTribe-critiqued flash story "Hazelwitch vs. Hazelwitch" was simultaneously released in written format at The Mad Scientist Journal and in podcast format at Toasted Cake; his story "Know When to Hold Them" appeared in and "Just Like Clockwork" appeared in Daily Science Fiction. Wendy Wheeler posted on the HitRECord site for their new cable TV series, and actor/founder Joseph Gordon-Levitt excerpted her "The Other Side" story for his monologue and it's part of the season one multi-media packet. She also had two genre screenplays advance to Second Round (Top 10%) in the Austin Film Festival contest. Abby Goldsmith sold "The Big Mermaid" to When Dreams Come True anthology, finished writing the 5th novel in her 6-book series, and got engaged to be married. Matt Patterson self published a YA space adventure, Song & Signal, his 3rd e-Book. Doug Schwartz self-published a light fantasy novel Checkered Scissors and started a "20 questions for authors" series on his LiveJournal blog. Jayme Blaschke self published The Ghosts of the Chicken Ranch, with photos by his wife, about the infamous Texas brothel.

Winter-Spring 2012-13

Peter Enyeart made his first sale! "Transmission Received" appeared in the (unlikely but high paying) market of Nature Futures, the weekly journal of science. Aaron da Mommio also made his first pro-level sale! "Daughter of Mettle" appeared in a January issue of Daily Science Fiction. Rebecca Schwarz's SlugTribe-critiqued story "Naturally" was chosen for posting and public critique on SF Online Writing Workshop; the pro feedback was quite similar to SlugTribe's! Her story "The Gyre" appeared in Issue#6 of The Colored Lens; "The Count is the Kingdom" appeared in the February issue of Electric Spec, and "Zombie Envy" in Flashes of Dark. Her story "Futile the Winds" also got an Honorable Mention in the 2012 Writers of the Future contest. K.G. Jewell published "Sixty-One by Seventy" in a March Daily Science Fiction and "The Probability Flatline" appears in the late November issue of Intergalactic Medicine Show. Ricardo Bare sold Jack of Hearts, the YA fantasy novel he was workshopping in SlugTribe, to Belle Bridge Books for an April release. Dan Tannenbaum, now back east for health reasons, has an erotic fantasy story "Kiss the Witch" coming out in an issue of UK pub The Ironic Fantastic. Sherrill Nilson moved from Texas back to Tulsa, Oklahoma, for her retirement. Now living in Switzerland, Gabrielle Matthieu created a writing blog. This SlugTribe website now has a favicon ("FAVE-econ"), a tiny rocket ship in the URL line (it also shows up in your bookmarks list). Dave Chang organized a group SlugTribe discount for Austin Film Festival 2013 passes. Wendy Wheeler finally(!) sold her house in north Austin and bought one in Hyde Park 1.5 blocks from the Hancock Rec Center (a perfect street!), then was soon laid off from her dayjob as a marketing communicator. Bob Kite, who long ago moved to Seattle, is now self-publishing his genre fiction and audio books at his site AspieBob. Nicole Duson (Nicky Drayden) continues as submissions editor at the podcast magazine Drabblecast, which raised its rates. Erstwhile member Jay Lake got a Nebula, Hugo and Locus Award nomination for his story, "The Stars Do Not Lie." Sadly, Jay's cancer was declared inoperable in May 2013, after 5 years of chemotherapy and surgery.

Spring-Fall 2012

Daniel Krawicz published the multi-part story "Theoretical Physics Is Magic," his first published fiction, on And because he's Daniel, yes, it is based on My Little Pony. He also did a public debate against a conspiracy theorist about 9-11. K.G. Jewell's story "The Day They Repossessed My Zombies" appeared in the November sf/f/h humor anthology, Unidentified Funny Objects, and it got a pull quote in Locus magazine. His story "Toys of War" appeared in the October issue of Nine Journal. John deLong got one of the (few!) spots in the first "Out of Excuses" Writing Retreat in Tennessee in June at the family farm of writer Mary Robinette Kowal. Patrice Sarath published The Crow God's Girl, the third book in her Gordath Wood series, on Smashwords as well. Shlomi Harif self-published his story "Consent" on the Kindle platform. Paige Roberts, as Paige E. Ewing, had advanced reader copies of The Protectors anthology to hand out at ArmadilloCon 2012. Wendy Wheeler was interviewed via email by a PhD candidate in comparative literature from Dublin City University about her updated Beauty & Beast story, Skin So Green and Fine. Abby Goldsmith started an interview web series for aspiring and self-pubishing writers on YouTube. Steve Jackson, the game designer, who was among the very first SlugTribers when the group was getting established, was in a Wil Wheaton (aka Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: Next Generation) webisode of TableTop, which also included Felicia Day, of Buffy and Supernatural fame. Yeah, so calculate how many degrees of separation you have now from some SF/F media celebrities, like the cast of Big Bang or Joss Whedon!

Summer-Winter 2011-12

SlugTribe has (new) T-shirts, free, thanks to the promoters of The Maze Runner, a series by James Dashner, which were designed by Wendy Wheeler; check out the graphic in the left sidebar. Rebecca Schwarz had her 2nd sale, "Fairview 619" to Aurora Wolf and it was chosen for their year's best. Gabriele Matthieu sold "Mineral Essence" to Bards & Sages Quarterly. Silver Bowen sold (probably) "The Elder Spreadsheet " to Lurid Lit; he's also self-publishing on SmashWords platform, such as his orc story "Out De'Moan!" Kyle Patrick sold his first short story, "Insider," to OG Speculative Fiction, and then two more stories, one to Bard & Sages Quarterly. Shlomi Harif self-published his novel Induction on the Kindle platform. Allen Wise self-published The Jade Queen on Kindle as Jack Connor. Leah Cutter has self-published most of her portfolio of work excepting novels still in print. Matt Patterson self-published his novel The Devil's Hand on Kindle and Nook.

Patrice Sarath and Wendy Wheeler were among 8 local SF/F writers featured at a Halloween-costume-related event for the Plugerville Library in October. Wendy Wheeler got to pitch a modern fantasy TV series to VH-1 during Austin Film Festival. Jennifer Evans and Wendy Wheeler took a 3.5-day writers workshop with agent Donald Maas, story master Chris Vogler, and suspense novelist James Scott Bell. Dan (DD) Tannenbaum moved back to New York State (he had been living in Rockport) for health reasons; we'll miss him. Mike Brotherton PhD remarried on October 31st in a Halloween-themed wedding complete with his-and-her vampire fangs. Russ Williams also remarried in San Francisco in an Esperanto ceremony; he also completed another genre novel for Nanowrimo 2011 in Esperanto.

Tom Konrad, an erstwhile member who now lives in NY state, got a gig writing an investment blog for Forbes, which includes this moving article about his father. At ArmadilloCon in September, William Browning ("Bill") Spencer had a regional premier of the short film made from his story the SlugTribe critiqued years ago, "A Child's Christmas in Florida" but now it was changed to A Child's Christmas in Texas. Nicole Duson/Nicky Drayden's "Our Drunken Tjeng" came out in Daily Science Fiction and was chosen a Top Ten for 2011; "Double Rations" came out in Kalideotrope. K.G. Jewell has a new baby son! He also sold "61 by 70" to Daily Science Fiction; "Like Tides upon the Sea, the Music Never Ends" to BayCon Fiction Marketplace (newsletter for Baycon in Santa Clara); and "Contaminant Source Removed" in the Intergalactic Medicine Show. That's Frederick Stanton III at the front in drag on the cover of the summer 2011 issue of Space Squid.

Winter/Spring 2011

K.G. Jewell sold "Newfangled" to Daily Science Fiction. First sale: Rebecca Schwarz sold SlugTribe-critiqued story "Flotsam" to Flagship magazine by Flying Island Press. Ricardo Bare sold "Of Salmon Tails and Green-Eyed Girls" to Issue 5 of the same magazine. Nicole Duson/Nicky Drayden's "You Had Me at Rawwrrr" is on the podcast site Drabblecast. She's also self-published two collections of short stories as eBooks, called Delightfully Twisted Tales. Daniel Krawisz got lots of online attention for his self-actualized-libertarian review of RANGO in the Mises blog. Mike Brotherton's penchant for tracking science errors in movies was spotlighted in UWYO, published by the University of Wyoming, where he's a tenured professor. Jay Lake will be co-toastmastering this year's Hugo Awards with Ken Scholes; he is also undergoing chemotherapy for a new tumor. Fred Stanton was made fiction editor of (succeeding Matthew Bey) and reprinted a story by Jayme Blaschke entitled "The Makeover Men." Marshall Ryan Maresca got his workshop-created, SF-themed short play chosen for performance in the Out of Ink: Forgetting Finnegan project. Paige Roberts is trying out fiction writing in a first-person blog format; check out Damson Dragon.

Fall 2010

Nicole Duson/Nicky Drayden sold "Up in Smoke" to Cabinet des Fées; "Winning Streak" to Daily Science Fiction and "You Had Me at Rarrrgg" to ShimmerZine -- where she was interviewed and did a shout-out to SlugTribe. She also read her zombie story and judged a Halloween haiku contest to raise money for NaNoWriMo. Speaking of, Russ Williams did NaNoWriMo and completed his first book, a steampunk novel--in Esperanto! Nicole and Marshall Maresca's Hint Fiction anthology was reviewed by the New York Times. Matthew Patterson created, a website to help writers get viewed by agents and editors and share critiques and brainstorming. Patrice Sarath sold The Unexpected Miss Bennett, her sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice that focuses on Mary Bennett, to Robert Hale Ltd, an English publisher. D.D. Tannenbaum sold his flash fiction story "Champion" to Bards and Sages Quarterly, and announced he's moving to the beach town of Port Aransas. Wendy Wheeler sold a reprint of "Little Red" to the Night Shade Books anthology Happily Ever After... due out June 2011. After a scare with another tumor, Jay Lake had more surgery and his cancer is now in remission. Leah Cutter moved from Seattle to New Orleans to live/write/work remotely for 6 months.

Summer 2010

K.G. Jewell sold a story to Daily Science Fiction, which emails out a story every Wednesday; Nicole Duson sold "Winning Streak" to the same market. Allen Wise got the attention of LA agent Joel Gottler who shopped his idea for a TV series around Hollywood. Ricardo Bare's Jack of Hearts novel manuscript won an honorable mention in the Houston Writer's Guild Novel Contest, and also 4th place in "Write Helper" novel beginnings contest. Matthew Bey made his first SFWA pro sale (he's made many others; this pub pays pro rates) to Beneath Ceaseless Skies, a story called "The Secret of Pogopolis." Jennifer Evans traveled to Oregon in April for the weeklong Donald Maas workshop on "Writing the Breakout Novel," where editors raved over the world building in her novel. Nicole Duson/Nicky Drayden sold a poem "Wizard Fight on Sixth Street" to Big Pulp. Patrice Sarath was interviewed on blogtalkradio by Page Readers. Ex-SlugTriber Jay Lake learned his cancer returned and went through one round of chemotherapy, with another to come; we wish him well. Wendy Wheeler will teach a screenwriting workshop for the new Austin chapter of A Room of Her Own to raise funds for their annual scholarship; in May she traveled to Germany and Poland to visit friends, including ex-SlugTriber Russ Wiliams.

Spring 2010

Patrice Sarath and Dan (D.D.) Tannenbaum visited with the gifted students in Mrs. Kempf's class in Pflugerville Middle School to talk about being a writer/editor. Patrice also went to EasterCon in the UK where she was a featured panelist, and got to tour various English sites, like Jane Austen's home. Dan was also working with author James Hogan to get Hogan's out-of-print materials into eBook and other digital forms until Hogan unexpectedly passed away. K.G. Jewell's mainstream novel was a semifinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest. Paige Roberts (accidentally) agreed to edit a shared world superhero anthology she's calling The Protectors; she'll gather the stories now (a paid market!) and find a publisher later. Paige also sold her first non-subgenre story to Space and Time magazine, got interviewed by a UK erotica publisher called Xcite books, and her story collection Bare Throat, Naked Hunger got a new cool cover illustration. Wendy Wheeler was interviewed on film for a Making Of documentary about DEEPER & DEEPER, the indie movie she did story development on. Nicole Duson sold her story "The Simplest Equation" to Space and Time also.

Ancient History

  • Several SlugTribers read flash fiction at a downtown pub to celebrate issue #2 of Space Squid.
  • Jane Hixson got an Honorable Mention in the 2005 Writers of the Future contest.
  • Patrice Sarath sold her story "The Gig in the Hall of Kings" to a specialty coffee-focused anthology out of the U.K.
  • Wendy Wheeler read her vampire erotica story "Desiree's Shadow" at the Halloween 2004 meeting of the Writers League of Texas.
  • Matthew Bey got an Honorable Mention in the 2004 Writers of the Future Contest.
  • Teresa McGarry got our first self-designed and self-published anthology, Last Writes, into the rare book collection of UT's Perry-Castaneda Library.
  • As I have time to look back over notes from 25+ years (!!) I may add more to this. -- Wendy
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