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Some of the Awesome
Resources Online for Writers

  • Writers' Group Etiquette -- as suggested by the SlugTribe
  • Writers' Group Facilitation -- as suggested by the SlugTribe
  • = The Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America
  • Writer Beware = The SFWA-compiled list of possible scam artist agents and editors. Updated regularly and an awesome resource.
  • The Turkey City Lexicon = Though it lives on the SFWA site, it's really a resource (even uncopyighted so it's meant to be shared) created by Bruce Sterling, Lew Shiner, Howard Waldrop, Leigh Kennedy and key members of Austin's first SF/F/H writers' study group. What this has, in its often comical definitions, is a crash course in how to be less trite in your writing and more businesslike in your dealings with editors.
  • The Market List = Focuses on markets for our genre (though it has others too) and breaks them down by professional, semi-pro, etc.
  • Ralan's List = Maybe the most famous list of markets for our genre which has been kept for years by Ralan Conley.
  • Response Times on SF/F Markets = It's called the "Black Hole" list to be funny, but that can often be the case with some markets. Also, it helps writers to reign in their impatience when they haven't heard back on a submission to learn it'll be at least 3 months before the editors respond...
  • ArmadilloCon = The literary focused science fiction and fantasy convention held in Austin each August. Which since 1998 has included a one-day SF/F/H writers' conference, where students are guaranteed a reading and critique by two pro writers or editors.
  • Writers Conferences in the U.S. = Includes links to the famous Clarion and Clarion West conferences specific to our genre.
  • The Writers League of Texas = With workshops and agents' conferences and manuscript contests, it's become a resource for all Texas writers. You don't have to be a member to get onto their mailing list and get notified on events.

More People Who
Deserve Shout-Outs

  • The City of Austin Hancock Recreation Center: A funky and historical location that has been the host for our SlugTribe meetings for more than 16 years.
  • Fandom Association of Central Texas: Our hosts for ArmadilloCon and the 2006 World Fantasy Con. Also the folks who make the annual DilloCon writers workshop possible.
  • As author of this website and co-founder of the SlugTribe, I have to include myself among the deserving people. Read about my fiction, screenwriting, teaching and other endeavors here.

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